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iNews Ermelo, Conrad Bouwer 15 July

Cover photo: Over 100 residents reporting for duty to patrol Top photo: Col Ngcobo addressing attendees at the meeting On Wednesday, Janice Conradie of Msukaligwa Business & Community Forum (MB&CF) called a meeting at the Ermelo Inn with various security companies, neighbourhood watch groups, the SAPS Ermelo, Msukaligwa Fire and Rescue, AfriForum, business owners, residents, farmers and the Taxi Association. This meeting was to mobilise the community and to take hands to protect Ermelo to prevent lawlessness and looting from happening here. This follows after KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng were struck hard were looters and protesters shut down highways, burned vehicles and emptied shopping malls and burned them to the ground and caused billions in damages.

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